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E-mail Marketing Tools That Help You Grow Your Business!

It provides all the marketing tools you need in your campaigns made through the e-mail communication channel and helps you increase your response rate.

Everything Is Ready For Higher Response Rates!

Manage your buyer's lists, content and planning options efficiently from a single place with comprehensive modern tools and smart solutions that help you build deeper relationships with your customers.

Powerful e-mail Sending Tools

With Nid e-mail Marketing's comprehensive and modern tools to develop smart campaigns, you can create customer-specific e-mail templates for your target audience and customise them with your corporate colours or enrich them by adding visuals. In this way, you can easily make designs that are compatible with every screen, keep up with the trends, and organize e-mail campaigns with high response rates by putting your target audience into action.

Develop Your Strategy Using Reports

With detailed reporting tools, you can measure the interactivity of your campaign in detail and improve your strategies on how to maximize your campaign's response rate

Interactivity Reports

You can learn the details about the behaviours that allow interactivity such as clicking the links in e-mails you send, opening the e-mail, and reading the e-mail and lead your strategic studies. You can also increase your profitability by using your budget in an efficient way.

Delivery Reports

You can find out whether the e-mails you sent have been delivered, and the reason why if the message has not been delivered, and you can make the necessary adjustments in your portfolio accordingly.

Label and Score Reports

You can set an order of importance by giving points to the links you add to your e-mails and you can find out which people on your recipient list are clicking on more important links or which customers are clicking on a particular link.

Grow Your Business With e-mail Marketing Tools!

Nidworks provides all the marketing tools you need in your campaigns made through the e-mail communication channel and helps you increase your response rate.

Why should e-mail be preferred in digital marketing?

e-mail marketing is one of the important channels of digital marketing. There are many reasons why a marketing professional reaches out people via their e-mail addresses:


Just like SMS, it is one of the most economical direct marketing tools.

Extensity of use

Put the incoming messages in order and prioritize them.


Supply your agents with proven technology and services to make video calling a success.

Frequency of use

According to research studies conducted, 35 out of 100 people regularly check their e-mail accounts.


Many reports such as the number of clicks, deliveries and views can be obtained in real time.

Use of Media

Media elements such as links, images, animated gifs and long texts can be used in the messages.

Interact with your customers in real time through free-of-charge video calls.

Superior banking experience

Create a high touch and effortless live-video experience for your customers anywhere, anytime, even on mobile. Through personal video calls, screen- and document-sharing, agents are fully equipped to explain the most complex topics such as mortgage loans and interest rates.

Higher sales, stronger customer relationships

Nid Video Call helps agents focus on what really matters: building customer relationships that convert to higher sales. Our automation features take care of the rest - repetitive admin jobs, scheduling of meetings and compliance tasks.

Empower teams to scale successfully

Nid Video Call empowers teams to be successful in video calling customers through expert services. Our Customer Success Program guides clients every step of the way, from initial strategizing to scaling this channel across business units.


Nid Video Call empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

Mobile browser support

No need to download a mobile app. Nid Video Call allows your customer to join mobile video calls using the browser.

One-click access

Allow customers to join a video call with a click of a button. No downloads or installations required.

Automated Onboarding

Nid Video Call assists every customer to join video calls by providing them with tips and gif animations.

Enable vCommerce for Your Virtual Showroom

  • Let your customers step into the showroom with a one-click video call
  • Deliver omni-channel customer experience
  • Interact 1 on 1, or virtually meet in a Show Room with multiple clients
  • Have your front desk route incoming calls
  • Engage, transact, close sales
  • Increase sales, improve customer satisfaction
Customer Interaction

Provide customers with the best and easiest video calling experience.

Embeded & Integrations

Easily embeddable and integrates into every ecosystem.

Enterprise-grade player

Supply your agents with proven technology and services to make video calling a success.


Allow customers to easily join video calls on their mobile devices.

No Downloads

Nid Video Call equals effortless video calling without any downloads.

What is WhatsApp Integration?

New generation customers are in search of an easy, reliable and familiar platform to reach out brands. Use the WhatsApp Business integration to enable corporate businesses to manage all their messaging with new generation customers much more easily.

WhatsApp API is a system that allows you to access and send your WhatsApp messages without your phones/tablets. Facebook has made the WhatsApp API system available to companies through its partners around the world.

Why is WhatsApp Integration Good for Your Business?

Using WhatsApp, which is actively used by more than 2 billion users around the world, as an effective channel allows you to reach your customers instantly.

To use WhatsApp Business integration, all you have to do is contact Infobip to apply for an approved account and share the API document sent to you with nidworks.

Provide a direct

Communication and support channel to your customers.

Forward messages

From WhatsApp to groups and individuals.

Put the incoming

Messages in order and prioritize them.

Quickly reply

To messages from WhatsApp using templates.

Automate your customer

Communication and increase the efficiency of your customer representatives with bots.

Reply to

Your WhatsApp messages from anywhere using the mobile app.

Customer Interaction Has Never Been Easier

Increase your conversion rates with integrated and consistent campaigns that you prepare easily! Nidworks Omnichannel Marketing Solutions helps solve the digital marketing needs of all companies, from small to large, without waiting for IT teams to become available.

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